1300MEDICS is proud to be the preferred event medical services supplier for major music festivals in Queensland, Sydney, and Melbourne. 1300MEDICS is the industry leading provider of critical care medical services for large scale music festivals on the east coast of Australia.

We use a risk-based approach, deploying a capability to cater for worst case situations. Our capability often includes two or three resuscitation bays that have ventilator capability. This capability allows us to provide intensive care interventions such as anaesthetisation and manage these patients onsite until they can be handed over to the statutory ambulance services for transport to hospital. For festivals with large crowds or high-risk activities, we will design a capability that allows us to perform multiple concurrent critical care interventions in case of a patient surge.

To provide this capability we recruit, select, and employ highly experienced and credentialed medical professionals. The doctors we employ are specialists and senior registrars in emergency medicine (or other critical care discipline’s). Our doctors are selected for their experience and skills, they are the same doctors that work in major hospital emergency departments and on helicopter emergency medical services throughout Australia. We employ Registered Paramedics from frontline ambulance services and Registered Nurses from major hospital emergency departments.

Our planning team is led by passionate subject matter experts that have worked in the field of festival medicine for over 20 years. The team is passionate about contributing to the improvement of the festival medicine industry in Australia, are members, and active participants of the Australia Festival Association.

There are many examples in Australia of medical services at festivals being under resourced. We recommend to all event managers and promoters of music festivals to ensure their chosen provider is using a risk-based approach, rather than a cost-based approach to designing the medical capability.

Contact us for further information about our medical services, to enquire about engaging our services or for a chat about best practice festival medicine in Australia.