Health Care Options Pty Ltd T/A 1300MEDICS

Terms and Conditions of Service

Version 1.0

Published 29/02/2024

1.0 Quotations

1300MEDICS will supply an estimate for costs for services. The final invoice for services will be based on the actual cost of services quoted and times booked. Variations to costs include but are not limited to additional hours of work, additional resources provided, incidental expenses, travel expenses and equipment expenses.

2.0 Payment Terms 

Payment in full is required prior to personnel arriving onsite to provide services unless alternative terms have been agreed in writing. This may include Net 7 or 14 days from event delivery date. If the event booked decreases in duration for any reason, the agreed booked time / duration will remain payable in full.

3.0 Collection Costs If the client does not pay the invoice within the timeframe specified by 1300MEDICS, the client agrees to pay additional costs including: interest on the sum at the rate of 15% per annum, calculated on a daily basis; and costs (including legal, recovery and demand costs) associated with the recovery of the Contractual Services Sum.

4.0 Cancellation Policy 

50% of the total invoice amount will remain payable where the client within 48 hours of the event start time and date, cancels (postpones or reschedules) 1300MEDICS services once the booking has been accepted (due to a non-Force Majeure event). If less than 24 hours’ notice is provided, 100% of the total invoice amount will remain payable.

5.0 Overtime 

Any overtime worked by 1300MEDICS will be charged to the client at the quoted hourly rate (or part thereof in 15 minute increments).

6.0 Equipment & Infrastructure 1300MEDICS requests that the Client provides adequate facilities for privacy and shelter, if this cannot be provided, please notify our office to request a quote for marquee hire. For major events, 1300MEDICS will provide a written list of equipment and facilities to be supplied by the client. Where the client cannot supply the equipment and facilities, 1300MEDICS will make hire arrangements and invoice costs to the client.

7.0 Security and Safety

The client must take all reasonable measures to ensure that 1300MEDICS are at all times safe whilst working for the client

8.0 Discretion

1300MEDICS in its absolute discretion has the power to remove its personnel from the site if, in the opinion of 1300MEDICS personnel on site and authorised by the Operations Manager or a Director of 1300MEDICS, the personnel have been subject to abuse or harassment and/or any other conduct or environmental condition which poses any serious risk or threat to the safety and well-being of such personnel.

9.0 Recommendation of Services

1300MEDICS shall make a recommendation to the client as to the level service required for each event. If the client does not adopt the recommended level of service but instead requests a lesser level of service; any loss and/or damage arises, including but not limited to, any cause of action in negligence, due to the reduced level of service, then 1300MEDICS’ liability is reduced proportionately to the extent that such loss and/or damage has been caused by the client’s decision to engage a lesser service.

10.0 Risk Assessment Increase of Service Levels based on Workload or Risk

1300MEDICS will provide services based on assessment of foreseeable risks. The client is responsible for disclosing all available information to 1300MEDICS to allow for accurate risk assessment. The risk assessment is dynamic and will be amended according to the latest conditions, risks and current information (before and during the event). Where risks or workload increase, 1300MEDICS will consult with the client regarding increased services levels and associated costs. If the client disagrees with the recommendations for service level increase, 1300MEDICS may withdraw all services for the event.

11.0 Agents 

1300MEDICS reserves the right to utilise agents and third party contractors to fulfill our contractual obligations for service delivery in the event of employed workforce shortage.

12.0 Replacement of Personnel 

In the instance that our personnel unexpectedly do not attend an event as contracted, it is the responsibility of the client to immediately telephone 1300MEDICS Duty Manager to report the absence to allow for a replacement to be arranged. The client acknowledges that without being alerted by telephone call from you the client, 1300MEDICS will not be able to commence the replacement process.

13.0 Waiver of Payment Conditions 

Waiver of these conditions or fees charged is at the discretion of the Managing Director or Chief Operating Officer, Health Care Options Pty Ltd T/A 1300MEDICS

14.0 Restraint of Trade 

The Event Organiser (Client) as outlined within the declaration of this Service Agreement; agrees that for the twelve month period following a last shift with the Client, (Restricted Period), the Client will not directly employ or engage the Medic(s) allocated without paying the applicable placement fee of $4,250 per Medic to Health Care Options Pty Ltd T/A 1300MEDICS. The Client acknowledges that the restrictions contained within these Terms & Conditions and Health Care Options Pty Ltd T/A 1300MEDICS option to request the lump sum placement fee in the event that the Client breaches its obligations, are reasonable in the circumstances and necessary to protect the goodwill of Health Care Options Pty Ltd T/A 1300MEDICS business.